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Can your customers, students, renters book online?

Be up and running in less than 5 minutes!

$5/month or $50/year. No credit card required.
No advance payment required.
Pay with PayPal. Free trial, 30-days or more if you need it.

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Designed for service providers

CalendarCart is designed specifically for service providers. This is not a widget shopping cart force-fit for booking services.

Web based software

CalendarCart is web-based, or browser-based. No software to install, maintain, or update locally.

Easy to learn and easy to use

In less than 5 minutes, add online booking to your web site.
Link to your Online booking form in emails, CraigsList and eBay listings.

It's 10 pm and your offices are closed. For your customers though, the best time is usually "now". They are a demanding group. They expect this kind of service and convenience.

In just a few minutes, your customer orders your service and tells you a little about him/herself. The two of you then receive confirmation by email. Later, you add notes and upload media to document the order and track progress.

Who could benefit?

Anyone that schedules and provides services or events, or rents things. The service sector is the backbone of this economy.

health care, coaching, rentals, reservations, restaurants, food-to-go, tee times, court time, sports lessons, music lessons, counseling, service and repair, personal care, consulting, education, other professions ...

CalCart makes it easy for a restaurant to place their menu online.
When a patron orders food-to-go, they are really ordering a service.

Easily manage a garage sale. Let buyers view Items and schedule site visits online. Put an end to telephone tag and voice mail jail.

Problems and solutions

Most software is too hard to learn and too hard to use for my staff, and my customers.

CalCart is easy to learn and easy to use by design. This is not a shopping cart for widgets force fit for services. CalCart works the way real people schedule their lives everyday.

NOTE: You do NOT have to expose and manage your entire calendar online. You only enter available service sessions. Those time slots you know are available in the future for online booking.

If an hour next Friday afternoon has opened-up in your schedule, enter that time slot in CalCart and the session immediately shows in your "Store". When someone books that session and the capacity is full, the session automatically drops off the Store. This is like running-out of inventory in a widget shopping cart system.

Are you constantly "chasing" your customers for payment?

Get paid in advance.

Most service providers do not ask for payment at time of order. If our user base requests Payment at Checkout, we will activate the feature. Do your students cancel at the last minute, or not show up at all? Not as likely if they have already paid for the service.

Let us know if Payments is something you need.

How do I track progress and show my customers how they are doing?

For simple, yet powerful project management -- add notes and attach files (pictures, audio, video, etc.) to service orders.

I can only schedule appointments when my office is open during regular business hours.

If your Web site is up, and your CalCart Store link is public, you are open for business 7/24.


There aren't many features

Useless features are absent by design and just get in the way. They make software difficult to use and difficult to remember how to use.

Subscription based

Calcart is a web based, subscription based, Cloud application. The software and data reside in a Tier-1 datacenter accessible on any device that will run a web browser. Other than your browser, there is no software to install, upgrade, or maintain lowering your overall IT "total cost of ownership" (TCO).

Payment integration

As an option, get paid at the time of reservation, or schedule an appointment at no charge like a free estimate or initial consultation.

Basic project management

For simple, yet powerful project management -- add notes and attach files (pictures, audio, video, etc.) to service orders.


CalendarCart is responsive which means the app is readable and usable on a variety of devices. Desktops, tablets, and smartphones in various screen sizes and orientations.

No more app store

You and your customers just need a browser. You don't have to install or maintain the CalendarCart software or database. No need for a separate iOS or Android version to install and learn.

Customize the look 'n feel

Add a few store settings, add some text, video, pictures, and images for your brand.

Custom domain

Use our domain name, 'MyOrg', or your domain name, 'MyOrg'.com.

With or without a website

Link from your current website, or use your CalCart standalone as your website AND booking system. Add your CalCart link to emails, eBay and CraigList postings.


$5/month or $50/year

- 30 day free trial
- No setup fee
- Updates/upgrades included
- No cancellation fee
- No long-term contract required
- No credit card required
- For enhanced security, we accept PayPal
- Support included

Demos and Sample Users

Test drive a working demo to see how CalendarCart could be used by a Piano Teacher. CalCart is ideal for these piano teachers.

They have a steady schedule of students but the occassional schedule change and cancellation leave gaps they would like to fill. When a student cancels, they simply add that time slot to their Items list and the slot is immediately visible in their frontend for booking.

Some of their classes are for 2-students so they set the Capacity for this Item at 2. When filled, the Item no longer appears in their Store to avoid the risk of over-booking.

See how a Bike Shop could easily use CalendarCart to rent beach cruisers.

See how Food-to-go could work using CalendarCart.

See how Marc Picker Tennis uses CalendarCart. Marc is often on the court with students all day long. He can't be interrupted to take phone calls or exchange emails. He also doesn't want to lose a booking, lose a prospect, or inconvenience his clientele.

See how ExtendWealth, a financial services firm, uses CalendarCart to schedule introductory phone consultations.

Admin View, the backend. That's you, the service provider - doctor, instructor, lessor ... Enter your available time slots like inventory. Easy and intuitive.

Quick and Easy Setup

Up and running in under 5 minutes!

1. Sign up
2. Login
3. Enter a few basic Store Settings
4. Add Items available for booking
5. Link to your Store from your Web site
6. Sit back and let CalendarCart go to work for you

Free onboarding

To save you even more time, we will do the initial setup for you if you prefer.
The first time you login, you are ready to go!

Help, How To and FAQs

What is an Item?
In CalCart, you only enter your Items that are available for booking - a service session, an event, a rental, etc. We call these time slots, Items. CalCart is intended to be very easy to use, so everything about the Item goes in the Description field. Date, time, and any more info you wish to communicate about a particular Item.

How do I prevent over-booking?
You set the Available # for an Item. When the number of Orders for that Item equals the Avail #, the Item drops off the Store and is no longer visible. Many Items will have an Avail # of just one, but a group lesson for example could accomodate a number of students. You want CalCart to help you fill the class.

More ideas ...

Send your CalendarCart Store link by email

Include your link in Ebay listings

Include your link in CraigsList postings

Don't have website? Maybe you don't need one. Use your CalCart site for both your website and your online booking system.

Have your own domain name? Further customize the look 'n feel of your Store by pointing your custom domain name.