February 21, 2017

Web Hosting

Another service by popular demand. Our software customers asked for business class Web hosting services. We are here for you with products and services not available from generic web hosting services.

Linux Shared Server

$7/mo or $77/yr
Web hosting
Tech Support
Task-based Services
and more …

$20/mo or $220/yr
Web hosting
Tech Support
Managed Services
WordPress or HTML Basic Setup
and more …

$50/mo or $500/yr
Web hosting
Tech Support
Managed Services
WordPress or HTML Basic Setup
WebMaster OnCall
and more …

Virtual Private Server (VPS)
$40/mo for a base unit

Domain Name Registration
$14/year for .com and .net extensions
$16/year for .org extension
Contact us for other extensions

To Order

Just send an email (info @axeo. com) or vmail (800-535-7524) with your organization name and contact info. Include your domain name if you have one. We will do the setup for you and email back your account user name, password, and details.

No credit card or advance payment is required.

Note that you can leave your domain name with your current Registrar and simply point to our servers.

Why Basic Plan?

You are a DIY’er. You do your own taxes and your own website. The tools, features, and functions are here to assist you. If you need something more complex such as custom programming, we are here for you with task-based IT services.

Why Managed Plan?

You DIY a lot of stuff, but not IT, your time is valuable. Traditional self-help or vending machine like services are not for everyone and may actually cost far more directly and indirectly than advertised. Navigating cryptic screens and routines can be time consuming and frustrating.

With AXEO Managed Hosting, you have all the Basic Hosting self-service tools at your disposal including the industry leading control panel, cPanel. And you can email or vmail questions and requests to AXEO, your “virtual IT Department”. We will get on it for you ASAP.

For example: You are on the way home and you forgot to setup that new email address. Maybe you could do it yourself if you could remember how. After all, it’s not something you do everyday. With Managed Hosting, you simply leave us a vmail or send an email with the email address and password you want. We will set it up for you.

If don’t yet have a website, we will build it for you.
If you currently have a website, but want a redesign or a new site, we will build it for you.
If you currently have a website hosted somewhere else, we will transfer it for you.

Why Content Plan?

Most Web sites are now “built” and in some sort of maintenance mode.
Small, periodic changes like a new phone number, company newsletter, etc.
Not all companies need (or can afford) a WebMaster to make simple changes and updates.

WebMaster OnCall provides for up to 30 updates per month, or one per day on average.


No more features war
We are not aware of any useful feature or function we do not provide.

Data centers
IBM/Softlayer. One area where bigger is better. A bunker mentality is required.
Solid State Drives (SSD vs. HDD).

No calculator required
Simple, transparent pricing. No asterisks, no teaser rate, no hidden charges, no upsell, everything is included.
Free trial period. This is informal. Take a few days, or take a few weeks to test drive. No advance payment required.

No credit card required
Pay with PayPal. Let’s have PayPal handle credit card security and payment processing. You never give your credit card number to AXEO. One less place that your card is on-file exposed to security risks, and one less thing to worry about. Pay with your PayPal account or pay through PayPal with a credit card.

No advance payment required
No credit required AND no advance payment.

No games
No upsell, no limited time offer stuff, no asterisks, no long term contracts, quick account setup for you, by us.

Tech support
Yes, really! But we would be surprised if you need it. If you do though, high level programmers and engineers are available to help, not junior tech support.

We don’t rent to just anyone
Just like an apartment building, troublesome tenants can mean trouble for you.

Free migration
Already have a website? We will help you make the move to AXEO.

Domain Name Registration included
If your name is registered with AXEO, the annual domain name reg fee is included with annual Managed and Content plans.

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