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For more than 20 years we have been serving large organizations, small, and in between. Examples are the City of Oakland, Hain Celestial, National Black Staffing Network, GE, HealthSouth, The YMCA, Hoge Fenton, IceLand Pure, and AvioServ to name a few.

Our Work, a cross section

Web Application
One of the largest, maybe the largest, purely online retailer called on AXEO for an inventory control system. After initially spending a great deal of time and money with an off-shore contractor that delivered just a plain text-book inventory control system, the retailer contracted with AXEO to get back on track. What was needed was a virtual inventory control system.  Nothing was warehoused at all.  Everything was drop shipped from 100’s of suppliers.  Suppliers fed inventory and order data in many ways.  The system required numerous and often complex business rules.

Website, CTO and WebMaster OnCall
A grocer with a very active deli and juice bar and the best sandwiches in town needed a WebMaster for their WordPress WooCommerce website.  AXEO refactored the old site and assumed day to day management of online ordering.  Store and deli hours change frequently.  Menu items, options and addons change frequently. We shortly thereafter assumed the role of CTO.  Something they needed and wanted but could not afford to staff.

A high volume, high end real estate brokerage could no longer manage their transactions with general office applications.  AXEO was engaged to provide a custom software system.  A typical transaction had many data elements, many moving parts, many calculations, many documents and parties.

When General Electric needed a property management software system for their real estate finance initiative, they chose AXEO. GE had dozens of systems to choose from nationwide. After all, who would say no to GE! GE had a great idea. Revolutionize the speed at which large properties could be valued and financed.

When Microsoft needed an app to showcase one of their database products, they chose AXEO’s PM/EMR healthcare system.

When one of the largest California building contractors could not find off-the-shelf software to meet their needs, they chose AXEO for a custom solution. They wanted their estimating and project management sub-systems to work for them, and they had specialized workers comp time recording and reporting issues.

You Might Not Know

“I thought WordPress was just for non technical people to build their own Blog website. It was helpful to have programmers on board. Something that would take me all day took them about an hour. I also didn’t realize how much was going on in the backend of a WordPress website.”

“Therefore, it’s probably too soon for inexperienced developers to work directly with generative AI to build applications, agrees David Isbitski, principal developer advocate at Amazon Web Services, who joined Coutinho in the podcast. Unless you are familiar and experienced with programming, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” AI-enabled development takes not only technical experience, but also a sense of what and how the code needs to be mapped to the business process.”

“If you’ve been coding for some time, you know as a human being how to do a process,” says Isbitski. “You can change that process into code. But someone who hasn’t written software before wouldn’t know what to ask.”