Life is complicated! So get organized with AXEO Basics.

Basics are easy to use, easy to learn to use, and easy to remember how to use.

Overly complicated, unintuitive, too-many-features software just adds more complications and frustration.

Basics are all browser based and optimized for desktop and mobile.  No need to install and learn even more apps on your smartphone.

We are starting with Contact and Task managers.  Then, many more useful components to come.  Use one, some, or all, for one low intro price of $2/month.

  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Work Log
  • New Ideas
  • Projects
  • Knowledge Base (KB)
  • Open Issues
  • To Do
  • Reminders
  • How To
  • Bookmarks …

Contact AXEO for early preview access.

A dozen or more applications to install, learn, then remember how to use?

Or, one application to install with a dozen key
features and functions?

AXEO Basics