A new and different Personal Health Record software application is coming soon.
Prevention and risk reduction is the aim.

To help you take charge of your health care, data elements you can log include.

Bio Markers
Diet (“food as medicine”)
Emotional Health
OTC Medications
Rx Medications
Lab Tests
Family History
Imaging and Scans
Carcinogen Avoidance
and more …

All in one place. All very easy to use.
Entirely browser-based on any device so no need to install and learn dozens of apps.

When you meet with your providers, add data from your PHR to your various EHRs and EMRs for a more complete picture.

Glossary of Terms

EHR – Electronic Health Record
Records compiled in-patient, in the hospital.

EMR – Electronic Medical Record.
Records compiled out-patient, in the doctor’s office. EHR and EMR are often used interchangeably.

I have all my patients log their eating for a few days to see how much added sugar, fiber and other nutrients they’re actually getting. It’s often very eye-opening. — Dr. Heather Moday

In the news.
“The No Surprises Act (NSA), signed into law in December 2020, seeks to protect patients from surprise medical bills and prohibits balance billing for certain out-of-network care.

“Tech giants including Google have tried and failed to create a consumer-friendly electronic health record, though efforts have been revitalized amid recent government regulations freeing up medical data from siloed systems.”

The Transparency in Coverage Rule (TiC), published October 2020, provides consumers better insight into the cost of services before obtaining care and receiving a bill.”