Your CTO/CIO OnCall.
Add us to your team! Would a second opinion be helpful? Maybe you are blocked by a problem or new project. Talk about it with someone with decades of experience. We have seen it and heard it all. And we understand your everyday business language and can translate tech speak for you. Just a half hour chat or phone call might be enough. Billed hourly or a flat monthly fee that fits your budget and the scope of the engagement.

We pick up the phone! Yes, really. Often times, nothing takes the place of a two way conversation. Not chat, not chat bots, not emails, not support ticket systems.

CTO – A chief technology officer (CTO) oversees the entire information technology department and integrates business needs and requirements into IT planning and operations.
CIO – The chief information officer (CIO) oversees the people, processes and technologies within a company’s IT department.

We can usually logon and fix it or implement the change for you.

Custom Software

Manage your company and project data.
Can’t find anything suitable already built? AXEO specializes in database applications including cloud based, software as a service (SaaS) systems. Custom, build to suit systems, so you can remain efficient and competitive in your marketplace.

Note that a number of successful SaaS applications started as internal custom systems and then were commercialized. Think of it as subletting some of your office space.

Application Development

What is your idea for the next great software application?
Rapid application development and live prototypes means your system and ideas are visible from the start of the project.

Maybe your office uses an application now and nobody likes it. You could do a better user interface, a better user experience, a better workflow and win market share.

Software is no longer hand crafted line by line.

Web sites

Is your web site doing all that it can do?
Design, construction, maintenance, content management.
Responsive, mobile-friendly.

Consider WordPress for more than just a blog.

Are you ready for more than just a digital brochure?
Is your site accessible and ADA compliant?

On time, and on budget for more than 20 years.
To arrange a no charge, introductory discussion contact us here.

How to Buy

Specifications and the app evolve over time, you pay our hourly rate. You own the system, or we partner.

Fixed Monthly Fee
Coded to your specifications, you pay a set monthly fee like rent. We own the system.

Fixed Project Fee
Coded to your specifications, milestone payments. You own the system.

A very affordable blended hourly rate

You are only charged for one dev hour even when a Director is engaged with the Developer(s).
Backup developer(s) stay “in the loop” at no charge.

Tools and Frameworks

We employ the latest tools, platforms, and productivity frameworks.
Software is no longer hand crafted line-by-line.

General office applications.
You might be able to manage your data with some basic lists and simple office applications.

Google Workspace
Microsoft Office

No code, low code platforms.
Database as a Service, database first.
Put some forms with controls over your lists to better manage your data. Maybe have multiple users with permissions and roles.


Software Development Frameworks
Even more control and security is needed. Pixel level control over the user interface. Numerous and complex business rules. Numerous and often complex features and functions and integrations.

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap
JavaScript – jQuery, AngularJS, Node.js, React, Vue
PHP – Laravel, Symfony, Yii, WordPress, WooCommerce
Python – Django
Ruby – Ruby on Rails

MySQL, PostgreSQL

Cloud Services
Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Linode, DigitalOcean, Heroku.

Google Android

Apple iOS

C#, ASP.NET, WPM, Core
SQL Server, Azure, Visual Studio.


You choose a development approach that suits you.
RAD, Agile/X or more formal, or a combination of both.

Vertical Markets

Extensive industry specific experience.
CRM, CMS, project Management, practice management is our forte with vertical markets experience in health care, inventory control, real estate sales, loan processing, and property management, construction, and law to name a few.

Project Management

Project management and consulting are available if you already have a development team.

Comm Overhead

Low communication overhead saves money and frustration, and speeds completion.

7/24 Work Week

US based with a globally distributed team to maintain a 7/24 work week.
Talent is world-wide.

Jump Start

We provide already written code to jump start your project at no additional charge including black boxes, snippets, widgets, components, and community samples. Note that we see many projects where you are being charged for these items — that’s not fair.


Minimal requirements and specifications are often all that’s needed. User Stories instead of Use Cases. Detailed project documentation is expensive and time consuming to produce, delays the project, and is often unnecessary. If your developer doesn’t “get it”, no amount of documentation will suffice.

Team Approach

You get a team acting like full stack senior developers.
It is practically impossible for any one programner to stay current in all aspects of today’s development tools and platforms.

We are NOT an agency

No work is subcontracted. You are working with, and in constant communication with the Director.

Quick Startup

Just as we spin-up and spin-down servers, we can also quickly spin-up a team for your project(s). We can usually start the same day if urgent. Up to a 4-person team assigned and working within 24 hours and larger teams in 2 to 5 days. No minimum time or dollar amount commitments required. You can reduce the engagement or end the engagement at any time with no advance notice.

We invoice weekly. If you are not happy with the progress for any reason, the previous week’s work is no charge. You keep the work though.